5. Future development

By May 2015, 189 companies have registered 1,067 products in the CFP Communication Program using 105 PCRs, and 5,253 GHG emission factors have been registered on the CFP secondary database. The numbers indicate the growing recognition of the CFP Communication Program.
Currently JEMAI is in the process of combining the CFP programme and the EcoLeaf programme (type III environmental labelling programme), and the process is expected to be completed by March 2017. Three factors need to be taken into consideration for this change: improvement of inter-operability with overseas programmes, consideration for the full-scale adoption of multiple environmental aspects, and an eventual launch of a unified programme compatible with international movements.
As JEMAI’s contribution for the creation of a low carbon society, we exchanges information with organisations and governments abroad for cooperation based on our long-running experience in managing environmental labelling programmes. We also serve as a technical secretariat in the European Union’s Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilot projects.
Since 2012 a carbon offset programme utilising the CFP Communication Program has been undertaken by METI and other related ministries with an aim to spread the efforts to reduce Japan’s CO2 emissions. METI implemented a campaign titled the Donguri (acorn) Reward System in collaboration with private sector companies. The campaign uses the acorn logo on the products registered in the campaign to signify that by using carbon credits those products offset 100% of the carbon emission calculated by the CFP Communication Program. 64 companies joined the campaign in the fiscal year 2014.
Acorn mark

Acorn mark

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