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3. Assessment standards of carbon footprints, Database and Reference

<Assessment standards of carbon footprints>

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used in the CFP Communication Program to calculate the amount of GHG emissions associated with products. LCA is a method based on ISO14040/44 to calculate the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle, from raw materials acquisition to disposal or recycling. The CFP is calculated as the quantity of GHG emissions throughout the product’s life cycle and regarded as an impact indicator of contribution to global warming.


Three databases and one library as secondary data are made available in order to improve the convenience for calculation and the practical use of the CFP Communication Program.
・Basic secondary database
・Available data library
・Distance data between countries and regions
・Heating value database

【Basic secondary database】

Made up of data verified with the Basic Data Verification Criteria by the Unit Data Review Panel, which consists of third party intellectuals.
It is disclosed and is the result of the CFP Pilot Project (FY2009 - FY2011), which developed the Tentative Database of GHG Emission Factors for the CFP Pilot Project.

【Available secondary database】

A library of unit data made available for the CFP Program and complements the basic secondary database.
A company wishing to conduct CFP calculations requests JEMAI, the programme holder, for the registration of the unit data they’ve collected. JEMAI checks the appropriateness of the data using the judgment criteria on check of available secondary data. After the check, the data is registered as the available data.
Some of the available data don’t disclose GHG emissions and/or the scope of the basic units. However, they can be disclosed if they’re for the companies which originally registered the data or if the data are appropriately obtained (by paying a fee or for a license, etc).
When compared with the basic data, the quality of the available data may vary because the verification of the data quality and the confirmation procedure of the available data are simplified. However, this is not to say that the quality of the available data is inferior across the board.

【Distance data between countries and regions】

Available for calculating marine, land, and air transportations between countries and regions.

【Heating value database】

Utilised for the creation of the basic database and is available for estimating from similar fuel classifications.
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